POS Cash System Altea


Science and technology give as a result the most innovative hostelry management software in the market. Now everything is possible. This is high technology, gourmet technology.‘Enjoyability’ is addictive


Waiter application is tailored for iOS. Result: the best partner in the most demanding “services”. It is Mr. Handheld. Fast, incredibly lightweight, easy to use and much more.



Our solution uses a distributed model that makes all the devices to synch with each other and at the same time, with the platform in such a way that the system is constantly self-updating in real-time.

Start working right away. Plug&Play

And, all stated above, without having to use any external or internal Server to make it work eliminating all the problems of centralized solutions such as: special configurations, availability or limitations with procedures of simultaneus usage. Our tool is a Plug&Play solution that makes it possible to start working right away.

There are two types of possible instalations depending on the devices needed for the management of the different areas.


Basic installation consists of one iPad, one printer and one cash drawer. This kind of instalation doesn’t integrate synchronization with other devices. To connect the iPad to the printer, the former has to be a network printer compatible with iPad or else, a Serial or Dock/USB adapter can be used for older printers.


It is the most advanced and complete system that synchronizes with other devices and the Suite’s applications, as well as with the different areas of the establishment. Thanks to the mesh network generated by the Unifi antennas, all the devices: iPad, iPods and printers, and the applications installed on the different devices will be completly synchronized. Waiter App (1) handheld iPods, Chef App (2) iPads with TV option, Bookings App (3) iPads reservations, Menu App iPads/iPads mini replacing the traditional Menu in paper, etc. For this type of instalations it’s neccessary to create a network, both wired and Wi-Fi, independent and exclusive just for the iPods, iPads, etc., directly conected to the internet router you have, ensuring this way the high availability of the work’s network. It’s possible to install as many Wi-Fi spots as needed by area. To create the Wi-Fi networks, we use a meshed Wi-Fi system that requires using the devices certified, so that the stability and reliability of the system it’s assured.


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